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Preloved Grazia Maioliche Majolica Italian Ceramic Green Rooster Ornament - Handcrafted in DerutaItaly

Preloved Grazia Maioliche Majolica Italian Ceramic Green Rooster Ornament - Handcrafted in DerutaItaly

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Preloved Grazia Maioliche Italian Majolica Ceramic Green Rooster Ornament - Handcrafted in Deruta Italy 🇮🇹

This preloved Grazia Maioliche majolica ceramic piece has been hand painted with a gorgeous green rooster design. Years ago roosters saved many lives as they would alert the villages of the enemy approaching. The Medicis sent many families of Gallina a ceramic rooster as a symbol of good luck, protection, and prosperity.

The Grazia family began producing majolica in 1500, evidenced from documents and from Grazia’s original kilns situated within Deruta’s old town walls. Historically, their most important clients were noble families, convents and the Church who began to use and sell our products to pilgrims visiting the tomb of Saint Francis in Assisi.

Today, they continue to supply private clients directly and supply some high-end specialty stores in many major American cities.
Umbria’s long-standing tradition of fine art is reflected in every Grazia product. Traditional majolica forms, with their ageless character, account for an important part of the production of the historic Grazia factory.

We have handpicked gorgeous preloved pieces of Italian ceramics. These pieces are all handmade and hand painted by talented artisans and are the result of authentic and original ceramic craftsmanship 

  • Collection: Pre-loved
  • Casa Ceramica: Grazia Maioliche
  • Width: 10cm
  • Height: 10cm
  • Depth: 10cm
  • Weight: 223g
  • Measurements are Approximate
  • Care: hand wash, we do not recommend placing in microwave
  • Colours May Vary: Colours in photograph may vary due to lighting and computer monitors.

Please note these pieces are handmade and hand painted by individual artisans therefore no 2 pieces are exactly the same. They are Preloved so there may be some minor variations which add to the character of the pieces and which makes them unique and special.

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